Dooring and other cycling hazards

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“Dooring” is an accident that leads to many traumatic injuries to cyclists. Dooring happens when someone inside a vehicle opens their car door in the path of a cyclist. Many cyclists do not have time to stop before hitting a door, which can cause them to fly off their bikes. Many dooring accidents lead to severe and fatal spine and head injuries. 

People can prevent dooring accidents by using the “Dutch Reach.” This is utilized by using the furthest arm to open a car door. This can cause people to turn their waist and look over their shoulders, allowing them to see cyclists. 

Dooring is just one of the ways cyclists suffer severe injuries. Here are a few more:

Lane sharing

Many roads do not have dedicated lanes for cyclists. As a result, cyclists have to share space with motor vehicles. This shared space can make it harder for cyclists to stay safe, especially when a driver is reckless. A reckless driver may put a cyclist in a dangerous situation if they do not give them space on the road.


Unlike people in motor vehicles, cyclists have very little protection from serious injuries. The smallest thing, such as a pothole could cause a cyclist to fall off of their bike. Potholes can be harder to see at night or when a pothole is filled with water after it rains.

Dark roads

Many streets do not have street lights that could illuminate cyclists, which can make it harder to spot them. Furthermore, reflector lights on bikes often rely on light from cars. When a car does not use their lights, they may not see a cyclist until they are a few feet ahead of them.

A bike accident can lead to serious injuries. A victim of a biking accident may need to learn about their legal rights when seeking compensation for their medical bills. 



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