Distraction can lead to nursing home medication errors

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The decision to move a loved one into a nursing home is a difficult choice, and many families understandably worry about what someone’s quality of life might be after moving into a facility. Family members may visit regularly and try to monitor the environment carefully for the protection of their loved ones.

To do so effectively, they need to know what issues might put nursing home residents at risk. Medication errors are among the most common and debilitating errors that take place in nursing homes. Residents may end up with worsening medical conditions because their treatment fails or might even end up experiencing an overdose. Research shows that distraction is a leading cause of medication errors.

Nursing home workers face constant pressure

The employees working at a nursing home often have more tasks to complete than time in which to do their work. They often need to rush through job responsibilities, possibly including the distribution of medication to residents.

If someone else speaks to a nursing home employee during the distribution of medications, they could end up distracted and could make a major mistake. They might give someone the wrong medication or forget to give someone their medication. They might even give someone medication twice in a row.

Distraction is a very pressing issue in nursing homes. Residents and also their family members may try to interact with nursing home employees as they distribute drugs. Co-workers could also approach someone handing out medication. Their questions or feedback could eventually result in an employee making a grave error.

Ultimately, learning about sources of nursing home neglect may help families identify issues that could put their loved ones at risk. Should something happen, it’s important for families to understand that they may be in a position to take legal action.



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