Work benefits can play a role in a wrongful death lawsuit

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When someone dies unexpectedly in New Mexico, they leave in their wake people grieving and possibly struggling financially. Occasionally, those who have lost a loved one can take legal action to reduce the financial impact of their loss. 

State statutes in New Mexico allow people to file wrongful death lawsuits when negligence or wrongful acts directly cause the death of an individual. Both businesses and individuals may be liable for the total financial impact of someone’s passing. 

In a wrongful death lawsuit, plaintiffs can seek reimbursement for funeral costs and medical expenses. They could also potentially request compensation for the lost wages of the deceased individual. Work benefits can contribute substantially to the total value of a wrongful death lawsuit, but many families forget to consider their value when preparing for court. 

What are employment benefits actually worth? 

Not every worker receives benefits, but those who do may not understand their true worth. Those in well-compensated professions may receive an assortment of different benefits. Employers may provide comprehensive health insurance, long-term and short-term disability insurance, paid time off and possibly retirement contributions that match what an employee deposits each year. 

In some cases, the value of benefits can add up to a third of someone’s annual income. Families estimating the financial impact of a premature death may need to include the value of benefits obtained through the decedent’s employment. In fact, they may even need to consider the possibility that their loved one would have received promotions and raises as they continued their career development. 

Establishing an accurate estimate of the costs generated when someone dies may help people more effectively pursue a New Mexico wrongful death claim. 



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