2 times to press for pain and suffering after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Catastrophic Injuries

Why should you foot the bill when another person’s careless conduct harmed you? Victims deserve appropriate compensation after any negligent car accident injury, even a minor one.

However, severe auto accident injuries often lead to continuing medical expenses, sometimes for years after the crash. Failing to account for them in your car accident claim could harm your physical and financial well-being.

Consider seeking pain and suffering damages if you sustained severe injuries with the potential to affect you in the long term, like these:

1. Injuries that need specialized care

Violent truck and car accidents often result in brain and spinal cord trauma, two injuries that generally require specialized care. Along with your primary physician, medical providers like neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedic specialists often participate in recovery efforts for brain and spine injury patients.

Other possible team members include physical therapists, vocational counselors, speech and language specialists and mental health professionals. Your accident settlement should be sufficient to help you meet the expenses that arise when you need special medical services.

2. Injuries that compromise your ability to work

Most accident victims look forward to the day their injuries heal, allowing them to return to their pre-crash lifestyle. Unfortunately, some victims are unable to make a complete recovery. The brain and spinal cord injuries discussed above can present problems or complications for a lifetime, and so can other accident injuries, like complex fractures or internal damage.

Speak with your medical team about any physical limitations you may permanently or temporarily experience after the accident. That will help you understand your prognosis and how it may impact your ability to work and earn a gainful income.

It is critical to account for the full scope of your harm when filing a claim under New Mexico accident compensation laws. Legal guidance may help you avoid this and other missteps when seeking fair compensation for your injuries.



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