Are truck drivers pressured to be unsafe? 

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Truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous because both delivery trucks and semi-trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles. This means that people in those smaller vehicles are facing greater danger if they get hit by a commercial driver. That’s why these drivers are held to such a high standard, and they need to be safe when they are on the road.

But are drivers facing outside pressures that may cause them to be unsafe? There are two ways in which this can happen, and it could lead to accidents based on these other factors.

Packed schedules

First and foremost, it’s very common for a driver to have a tight schedule. They have a certain amount of deliveries they have to make during the day or a certain time when that delivery has to be fulfilled.

For instance, a truck driver who gets stuck in traffic may realize that they’re going to be late unless they break the speed limit. Because of the constraints of their job, they drive in a way that they know is less safe than they would otherwise.

Paid by the mile

Another thing to consider is that many semi-truck drivers get paid by the mile. For example, a driver may not get paid at all while waiting for the truck to be loaded or unloaded, but may then be paid $.40 per mile while they are driving.

But what happens when the driver is stuck in a traffic jam? They’re not earning any money. This can be stressful and may influence them to speed or drive aggressively later, trying to make up time.

These are some of the issues that cause serious truck accidents every year. Those who have been injured need to be sure they know about all of their legal options.



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