What causes distracted driving? 3 causes

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If you’re in an accident, there’s a high likelihood that it was caused by a distracted driver. 

In the modern world, it seems like more people are getting distracted while driving. Here are a three of the most common denominators when it comes to distracted driving:

1. Texting and phone use

Texting and driving is possibly the biggest cause of distracted driving, especially for teen and young adult drivers. Phones and social media are practically made to be distracting

Drivers who hear their phone chime with a new notification or call may instinctively reach for their phone, which leads to a driver having less control over the wheel. When drivers look at their phones to see what the notification is, they’re taking their eyes away from the road – even a second could lead to a fatal accident. Even if drivers don’t reach for their phones, the sound of their phones could draw their mental focus away from driving.

2. Food and drinks

Many people eat while driving. It’s a common occurrence because many restaurants provide drive-thru services. However, eating and driving may be just as bad as texting and driving.  

Drivers are often more focused on eating their meals while it’s still hot, which may take their attention off the road. If they reach for their food, even if it’s for a single fry, they’re limiting their ability to maneuver the vehicle. Some drivers may have to look in their food bags, causing them to look away from the road.

3. Radio and air control

Many drivers don’t consider how dangerous it is to change their radio and AC while driving since it’s a preinstalled feature in all modern cars. However, changing the radio station or AC can be quite distracting. Many modern cars allow people to control their radio with their phones, which, as stated above, is highly distracting. Furthermore, drivers may have to look away from the road when changing radio stations and manipulating the AC controls.

Distracted drivers can cause serious injuries and damage to others. You may need to learn your legal rights to seek compensation after an accident.



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