Even experienced truckers can suffer from 1 major flaw

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Commercial Trucking Accidents

Many people assume that experienced truckers are the safest around. While it’s true that experience can help them to remain safe, there are many crashes that involve truckers with seven years of experience or more. 

A primary concern when a person is experienced is that they will start to become overconfident in their abilities. This may lead them to slack up some on their safety measures. Relaxed driving can be just as dangerous as inexperienced driving. 

When does confidence become an issue?

Being a confident driver is good, but the driver still has to remember that they can’t let safety slip. They still need to drive the speed limit and avoid distractions. They still can’t operate a rig while they’re impaired or tired. Even if they’re experienced, they should pay just as much attention to driving as they did when they first started out. 

Sometimes, experienced drivers are going on routes they’re familiar with. They think they can drop their guard some because they know the area. This can end up being a deadly mistake because if there’s anything amiss, the trucker might not be able to compensate for the problem. This puts them at risk of slamming into an innocent motorist. 

Semitruck crashes can lead to very serious injuries. The victims of these wrecks often need extensive medical care for serious injuries. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the costs of that medical care and other expenses that directly relate to the crash. Be sure you talk legal action quickly to recover the damages because New Mexico law limits how long you’re able to do this. 



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