Recreational vehicle riders on city streets can cause tragedy

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Though semi-trucks and personal vehicles can cause a lot of harm when driven by negligent people, a vehicle does not have to weigh several tons to hurt or even kill an innocent person. A personal recreational machine like an all-terrain vehicle can also be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

Tragically, it appears this is exactly what happened in Albuquerque recently. A hit-and-run ATV rider struck and killed a 7-year-old boy near the River of Lights event.

Large ATV runs red light, runs over child, flees

The boy was crossing the street with his family, using the crosswalk. It was around 8:30 pm. Suddenly, a person driving a four-person ATV went through a red light and ran into the boy and his father. The ATV dragged the child for several feet before its driver drove away from the accident scene. His father suffered serious injuries but was expected to recover, at least physically.

Multiple negligent decisions

Running a red light is never a safe thing to do, but it is especially reckless when there are many pedestrians around for a public event. And committing hit-and-run only compounds the mistake. In many cases, the only person available to call 911 is the driver who caused the accident. By running away, the driver likely delays emergency medical treatment. An accident victim denied potentially lifesaving care can die.

Nothing is more tragic than when a child is killed in a preventable traffic accident. Such a loss devastates a family and robs the child of the chance to grow up and live life to their fullest potential.



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