3 reasons why truck wrecks are more dangerous than car wrecks

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In most instances, accidents involving trucks tend to result in more severe injuries than those involving smaller passenger vehicles. The sheer size and weight of a truck are among the major factors that make such crashes so deadly, but that’s not all.

Outlined below are the main differences between trucks and passenger vehicles that make such accidents more severe.

The truck’s weight and size play a significant role

The physical attributes of a truck largely contribute to the severity of a crash. The weight, especially of a loaded truck, means that it cannot stop in an instance owing to its momentum. In addition, a truck’s size increases the likelihood of underride accidents which are among the most deadly types of road crashes.

Trucking companies operate on strict delivery schedules

Sometimes, trucks operate under hectic delivery schedules, and truckers may end up speeding to meet deadlines. This is a recipe for disaster since the higher the speed, the more severe a crash is likely to be.

Besides, truck drivers may disregard weather conditions or drive when fatigued to beat time. Studies have shown that driving under fatigue is almost similar to drunk driving, which reduces the reaction time a trucker has in case they need to avoid a crash.

A truck may be carrying hazardous cargo

Trucks haul all kinds of cargo, including flammable materials or heavy loads. If a loosely secured load falls on a smaller vehicle or a crash happens and ignites the flammable cargo, it may spell disaster.

A trucking accident can leave you nursing serious injuries, and some may have lifelong effects. It is, therefore, essential to safeguard your rights after such an accident by learning more about the options you have to get the justice you deserve.



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