Are some breeds of dogs more likely to bite children than others?

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While any dog could bite a child, some are far more likely to than others. Several reasons for this include how the owner treats their dog and what, if any, incidents have occurred in a particular dog’s life that might have caused trauma.  

Some dogs, you know to stay away from. For instance, if a dog hits the gate, teeth bared, straining at its chain, every time a person passes, the chances of it being friendly are low. Yet, unless you know the dog, you have no way of knowing what else has happened in its life that could make it more dangerous than other dogs. 

People have bred some dogs to be vicious 

The breed cannot tell you everything about a particular pup, but it can give you clues. Remember, the reason there are so many different dog breeds is that people mated certain dogs to enhance specific characteristics over time. Some are visual characteristics, such as a bulldog’s crumpled nose. Others are behavioral characteristics such as a sheepdog’s desire to herd. Some dogs, however, are bred to fight. A recent study found the breeds involved in most attacks on people were: 

  • Pit bulls 
  • Mixed breeds 
  • German Shepherd 
  • Terriers 

The survey also found that breed aside, dogs with short, broad heads and weighing between 66 and 100 pounds were the most likely to bite a child. It also noted some dogs do more damage when they bite than others. 

 If a dog bites or attacks you or your child, the resulting injuries could be severe. It is crucial to understand the options available to hold an owner accountable and claim compensation. Remember that people have a choice of which dog breed to buy, and they have a responsibility to ensure their dog is not a hazard to members of the public. 



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