Why Are Commercial Trucks So Dangerous?

by | May 13, 2021 | Commercial Trucking Accidents

Most people are on the roads almost every day and there are a variety of risks that come with driving, especially when certain vehicles are involved. Commercial trucks and similar vehicles can present a significant risk, but other drivers may not realize why. Large trucks can cause serious accidents leaving victims severely injured. Here’s why trucks are more dangerous than other vehicles on the roads.

Size And Safety Concerns

If you’ve been on the roads, you know how large commercial vehicles are. A truck like this can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. These vehicles also have extra large blind spots and turning radii. If a car gets caught in a blind spot or in a truck’s turn, an accident can occur. These blind spots can extend up to two lanes on either side as well as a large space in front of and behind the truck.

Large vehicles require more space and time so it’s important to take extra caution when driving around them.

Driver Behaviors

Truck driver behavior can also contribute to the dangers of these vehicles. Many truck drivers work long hours with little rest. Pressure to meet delivery deadlines can cause these drivers to operate on little rest, increasing the changes of drowsy driving and inattentiveness behind the wheel. Distractions and drowsiness are not uncommon in truck drivers.

An accident with a large commercial vehicle may cause serious and even catastrophic injuries so it’s essential to exercise extra caution and stay alert, especially at night and on interstate roads.



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