What to do if a dog bites your baby

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Babies and dogs should be kept apart, no matter how gentle and calm you perceive a particular dog to be. You should never leave them alone together in a room because dogs can act in sudden and aggressive ways, and there is a chance that they could bite your child and cause them serious injury as well as mental trauma.

It’s important that you know how to act in the event that your child is bitten by a dog, especially since it could happen in many circumstances, even if you are taking sensible precautions. The following is what you should do to ensure the safety of your young child in the event of a dog bite.

Control the bleeding

In the immediate aftermath, you need to focus on the most important thing minimizing the bleeding as much as you can. Use a clean towel and apply gentle but constant pressure on the wound. If the wound is bleeding significantly, make sure that the area is elevated to reduce blood flow.

Clean the bite and cover it up

To prevent infection, you need to make sure that it is clean. Carefully wash it with soap and water, and let the water run over it for a few minutes.

Consider seeking emergency medical attention

Always consider getting medical attention for your child after they are bitten by a dog — you should never take any risks. You should definitely do so if you do not know the dog that bit them — in this case, a rabies shot will be necessary. If you have not been able to stop the bleeding after 10 minutes of direct pressure, the wound is very deep, or your child has been injured in the head or neck region, you should also seek emergency medical attention.

In the aftermath of the injury, you should hold the owner of the dog liable for what occurred. Make sure that you consider making a legal claim to gain back compensation for this terrible incident.



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