Know Your Rights If You’ve Been Hurt By A Dangerous Product

Most of the products Americans use on a daily basis are safe and effective for their intended purposes. It would be nice to assume that anything we buy has been deemed safe, but unfortunately, dangerous and defective products are sold every day in the United States, leading to millions of injuries each year.

If you, your child or someone else you love has been harmed, sickened or even killed by an unsafe consumer product, the attorneys at the Law Office of Nathan Cobb will advocate aggressively to help you claim the compensation you need and deserve. In doing so, they also hope to prevent any other consumers from experiencing the hardships you have had to face.

What Makes A Product Dangerous And Defective?

There are essentially three ways that a product could be defective and lead to manufacturer liability. They include:

Design flaws: Something about the design of the product makes it dangerous, and every copy of the product made will be dangerous as a result.

Manufacturing defects: A problem occurred in the way the product was manufactured or with one of its ingredients or parts. The defects are usually limited to a “batch” of products made at a certain time or in a certain factory.

Failure to warn: Some products are inherently dangerous, even when used correctly. When that’s the case, it is up to manufacturers to warn consumers about all known dangers, particularly those that are not immediately obvious. When consumers get injured because manufacturers failed to include reasonable warnings, it may be justification for legal action.

Common Product Dangers And Related Injuries

Our attorneys regularly represent clients who have experienced issues such as those involving:

  • Automobiles with faulty parts, leading to car accidents and widespread vehicle recalls
  • Household appliances that can overheat and catch fire, leading to burn injuries and property damage
  • Children’s toys made with banned chemicals, dangerously small parts or other hazards
  • Baby furniture, car seats and other products that can threaten the lives or safety of infants
  • Over-the-counter medicines made with tainted ingredients that can sicken or poison consumers
  • Prescription drugs that fail to disclose the risk of serious side effects like cancer, organ damage and more

If you or someone you love were hurt by a dangerous and defective product, you deserve answers, accountability and compensation. We will work fervently to see that negligent manufacturers, retailers and others in the “supply chain” are held accountable.

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