Holding Truckers And Trucking Companies Accountable

When a truck and car collide, the car is no match for a hulking tractor-trailer. A truck’s weight and size may protect its driver from injury in a crash, but your vehicle is left to absorb the crushing impact from the semi and its cargo. Unfortunately, this scenario often results in the driver and passengers suffering serious injuries, or even death, after being hit by a semi.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a trucking accident, you need a knowledgeable ally you can trust to get full compensation for catastrophic or fatal injuries. At the Law Office of Nathan Cobb, our legal team holds negligent truck drivers and their employers responsible for their actions. Whether you live in the Albuquerque metro area or elsewhere in New Mexico, we will challenge trucking companies that reject claims for victims and their loved ones.

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Defending Your Right To Full Compensation When Truck Drivers Break The Law

Professional truck drivers and their employers must follow federal and state safety laws on and off New Mexico’s roads. These regulations demand routine truck maintenance, set weight limits to loads and restrict driving time, among other requirements. If truck drivers or their employers try to cut corners to save money, they put your safety at risk.

We represent victims hurt in large truck accidents caused by:

  • Reckless drivers who speed or fail to signal lane changes
  • Drowsy drivers who exceed driving time allowed by law
  • Improperly secured loads
  • Loads that exceed weight limits
  • Improperly maintained equipment

When you contact our firm after your accident, we take steps to establish your case quickly. Trucking companies may falsify or destroy valuable information that supports your claim. We work with specialists to reconstruct the events leading to your accident and files the appropriate documents to obtain maintenance records and the driver’s logbook. You benefit from his detailed examination of all available evidence.

You can depend on our personal injury attorney to support your case from day one. From filing your claim to fighting for compensation in court, Nathan Cobb will handle all of your legal concerns.

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