What To Know About Pedestrian And Cycling Accidents

When pedestrians and cyclists are involved in a car crash, the driver of the vehicle almost always has the advantage. If a negligent driver struck you while you were walking or cycling, you understand firsthand the pain, trauma and stress that such an accident can cause.

We understand, too. We are the Law Office of Nathan Cobb. From our headquarters in Albuquerque, we help clients throughout New Mexico who have experienced serious accidents. Because we know that you probably have many questions, we have taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions about pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

How common are bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Albuquerque?

Unfortunately, dozens of these accidents occur in the Albuquerque metro area every year. According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the University of New Mexico, 83 pedestrians and nine pedal cyclists died in traffic accidents in 2019.

What is the city of Albuquerque doing to try to improve pedestrian and biking safety?

The city is taking several measures to prevent future accidents. These measures include new traffic signals, road improvements, traffic safety assessments and public safety campaigns. Tragically, these measures may not prevent all accidents. Some advocates for public safety believe that city has not taken enough initiative in protecting pedestrians and cyclists.

What are the most common injuries in these accidents?

The physical harm to people walking or riding bicycles tends to be catastrophic, since cars and trucks can weigh several tons. Some common injuries include:

  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Broken limbs
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Road rash
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

All these injuries can prove very expensive. Many victims find that they need to file a claim against their insurance company, the insurance company of the perpetrator or a third party.

Can a fatal pedestrian or bicycle accident give rise to a wrongful death claim?

Yes. The surviving family members of someone who died in a traffic accident can recover compensation through a wrongful death claim. However, you must file your claim within three years of your loved one’s accident. If you do not meet this statute of limitations, you lose the right to seek damages.

Should I speak with an insurance company after an accident?

Do not speak with any insurance representatives until after you speak with a lawyer. Insurance companies do not want to pay you the full amount that you deserve. Instead, they use cunning tactics to get you to admit fault so they can make lowball offers. Get an attorney who can represent you against powerful insurers.

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