Attorneys Advocating For Nursing Home Injury Victims And Their Families

Moving an aging family member into a nursing home is an emotionally difficult decision to make. The feelings of guilt and doubt are fueled, in part, by the knowledge that some nursing homes and assisted living homes do not adequately care for their residents. Even if you did careful research before choosing a facility, you may be horrified to discover that your loved one has been harmed by negligence, neglect or abuse.

At the Law Office of Nathan Cobb, we are dedicated to seeking justice and compensation on behalf of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you believe that your loved one was injured or killed by the actions or inaction of nursing home personnel, contact our office to discuss your concerns in a free consultation.

Understanding Risks And Common Nursing Home Injuries

In order to ensure safety, nursing homes need to be fully staffed by well-trained employees. Unfortunately, the staffs of many nursing homes are both too small and inadequately trained. This increases the risks of accidents and injuries, including:

No matter how your loved one was injured, please don’t hesitate to share your story with us. Chances are good that we can help.

You Can Rely On Your Skill And Experience

Nathan Cobb recently represented plaintiffs in a seven-figure lawsuit alleging nursing home wrongful death. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to fully investigate your case, including assessing who was at fault and what kind of financial losses you suffered as a result.

We then work tirelessly to hold all responsible parties liable and ensure that you are adequately compensated. If we can resolve your case appropriately through a settlement, we will typically take this option to save you time and money. But if defendants are unwilling to negotiate or to make a fair settlement offer, we will not hesitate to bring your case to trial.

Discuss Your Legal Options During A Free Initial Consultation

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