Understand Uninsured Motorist Policies

Although New Mexico requires all drivers purchase minimum liability insurance, not all buy coverage. Should you get into an accident with an uninsured motorist, it is your policy that reimburses you for auto-body repair and medical bills.

Your uninsured motorist policy covers more than just car crashes. Most people do not realize that their uninsured motorist coverage may cover accidents when they are hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian or bicyclist, even injuries or death caused by a drive-by shooting.

Frankly, most New Mexicans are unaware of how extensive their coverage is. If you have been injured in any sort of accident or incident where a motor vehicle was involved, you may have insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries.

At the Law Office of Nathan Cobb, our legal team is committed to honest representation and client education. You can rely on us to give you straightforward answers to your insurance policy questions. Whether you live near our Albuquerque office or somewhere else in New Mexico, we are prepared to help you.

Ensuring Insurance Companies Fulfill The Terms Of Your Agreement

Since 2008, attorney Nathan Cobb has promoted his clients’ interests in negotiation sessions and in New Mexico courts. He has a substantial understanding of New Mexico’s personal injury and insurance statutes.

Nathan represents clients seeking compensation for damages covered by uninsured motorist policies, including hit-and-runs, car vs. pedestrian accidents, car vs. bicycle accidents, drive-by shootings, and car vs. car collisions with an underinsured driver. If you have been injured and a car was involved in this incident, you may qualify to receive a settlement from your insurance company.

Your settlement may include payment for lost wages and property damage in addition to other expenses. This compensation can be significant, which is why insurance companies do not highlight the benefits of this coverage.

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