Confronting Legal Challenges Of Car Accidents In Albuquerque Or Elsewhere In New Mexico

Prompt legal action is just as important for someone injured in a car accident as medical care is. If you or your family member suffered serious injuries in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, someone likely called for the police and an ambulance. If all went well, you got the emergency care that you needed to promote a strong physical recovery. To protect your right to recover compensation, you should also get an attorney on your side without delay.

At the Law Office of Nathan Cobb, we focus on serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Call us at 505-225-2146 or send an email to request a free consultation. Attorney Nathan Cobb provides detailed case evaluations to protect our clients’ rights to recover ample compensation for injuries and losses.

How We Will Fight For Your Right To Compensation

At the same time that your doctor is preparing you for surgery, prescribing physical therapy and monitoring your medications, attorney Cobb will be moving the legal aspects of your case forward efficiently. He will gather evidence such as photographs, surveillance videos, police reports and eyewitness testimony. While staying in touch with your medical care providers, he will also use accident reconstruction techniques to prepare for settlement negotiations or a trial.

With your doctors’ input, attorney Cobb will work to put a dollar amount on your present and future medical care costs. Simultaneously, he will study the facts of your accident to determine who is responsible for compensating you. It may be another driver, a car manufacturer, a government entity that maintains roads or your own auto insurance carrier if you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident.

Lean On Attorney Nathan Cobb‘s Knowledge And Experience

With attorney Cobb’s strong track record in negotiations and courtrooms, we are confident that he can help you recover all compensation available. If you were injured, he will strive to ensure that you have all treatments, therapies, medical equipment and recovery time that you need. If you lost a loved one, he will help you pursue a wrongful death settlement or verdict. Your compensation should ideally cover final medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and lost income replacement as well as noneconomic losses.

To schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced lawyer, call 505-225-2146 or complete our online contact form. We are here for you after you have been injured or a loved one has died in a motor vehicle accident or any other type of accident.