3 tips for avoiding an aggressive driver

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Driving around a driver who violates traffic laws, endangering you and other road users, can be overwhelming. However, you can implement a few practical tips to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

Here are three of them:

1. Stay relaxed

Different factors contribute to aggressive driving, including traffic delays, disregard for others, running late, and disregard for the law. Some people are even habitual aggressive drivers, a factor that has been explained by psychologists.

Thus, don’t take the behaviors of an aggressive driver personally or opt to challenge them by hooting or using gestures to ask them to stop. Doing this can escalate the situation. Instead, stay relaxed and focus on your driving.

Understanding that not every aggressive behavior is directed at you can help you stay calm. Always give an aggressive driver the benefit of the doubt – they may be rushing a loved one to the hospital.

2. Give way

While you may not want to condone the aggressive driver’s behaviors, you should get out of their way when it’s safe to. Do not block them from passing. And when they pass, avoid eye contact and ignore their rude gestures.

3. Call the police

If an aggressive driver’s behaviors escalate or when it’s clear their actions are directed at you, for example, you give them the way, and they refuse to pass yet continue to endanger you, call the police.

Regardless of the factors that contribute to an aggressive driver’s behaviors, if they injure you, you need to learn more about your options to claim compensation.



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