3 possible injuries in automobile crashes

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In automobile crashes, you may face a variety of serious injuries that can have long-lasting effects on your life. The speed of the vehicles, the type of impact and other situational points determine what types of injuries individuals suffer. 

While some injuries produce only temporary effects, others lead to permanent changes in how the victim lives life. Catastrophic injuries are typically the most serious. 

1. Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can lead to partial or complete paralysis and may require long-term rehabilitation and long-term care. This type of injury can significantly impact your ability to perform everyday tasks and may necessitate adaptive equipment or home modifications. The location of the damage to the spinal cord dictates what areas of the body are impacted, so injuries higher on the spinal cord will have a greater effect on a person than those that are lower. 

2. Brain injuries

Brain injuries can range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries, which can cause cognitive impairments, memory loss or even personality changes. Recovery from a brain injury can be a lengthy and unpredictable process, often requiring extensive medical treatment, therapy and support from loved ones. In some cases, these injuries are so severe that the person can’t return to work.

3. Amputations

Losing a limb is a life-altering event that may require multiple surgeries, prosthetics and extensive physical therapy. The emotional impact of an amputation can also be significant, as you may need to adapt to a new way of living and face the challenges of adjusting to your altered body image and physical abilities.

Victims of these catastrophic injuries may choose to seek compensation for the damages they’re dealing with. This is done by filing a legal claim against the negligent driver, but you must do this within the time limits set by New Mexico law. 



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