4 dangers of driving at night

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There are many dangers people have to face when driving. For example, you could encounter a driver experiencing road rage or a distracted driver. 

People often believe that there are fewer dangers at night because there’s less traffic. However, there are still many ways you could suffer an accident. Here’s how:

1. Low visibility

One of the leading causes of nighttime accidents relates to a driver’s visibility. It stands to reason that when drivers can’t see in front of them, they’re very likely to cause an accident. 

Visibility problems can happen in a number of ways. More often than not, the weather is the biggest cause of reducing a driver’s ability to see in front of them. There could be heavy rain, snow or fog that obstructs a driver’s vision. The other cause of visibility issues may be drivers who use their high beams. Drivers may be blinded by the glare caused by bright lights.

2. Drunk drivers

Another issue that people face is being on the road with drunk drivers. While this can happen at any time of the day, drunk driving often occurs at night after people leave bars. Driving while drunk can impair a driver’s motor skills and concentration and lower their reaction time and visibility. 

3. Fatigue

Many studies have shown that driving while fatigued is just as bad, if not worse, than driving drunk. Fatigue can cause many of the same issues drunk drivers face (slow reaction time and poor motor skills). Fatigued drivers are often found at night after leaving night shifts, late classes or after traveling. 

4. Speeding drivers

Drivers may take risks exceeding the speed limit because there’s less traffic at night and there may be less police presence. Speeding can lower a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. If they suddenly speed around a car, they could easily lose control, putting you in a dangerous position.

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