3 ways to drive defensively

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If someone says you drive “defensively,” take it as a compliment. It is how everyone should drive because it reduces the chance of a crash. That’s why you so often hear about the importance of defensive driving when it comes to safety out there on the roads.

But, what exactly does defensive driving mean? Here are three things that can make you a better defensive driver:

1. Plan for the worst that could happen

You cannot afford to take chances when driving. A common example is accelerating hard when a minute gap allows you to overtake. If you misjudge the speed of an oncoming vehicle or the distance until two lanes narrow back to one, you could crash. You might make it, but you need to think about what happens if you do not.

2. Give yourself extra space

Try to keep space around your car at all times. That means not sitting on someone’s bumper or overtaking in a narrow space. It also means trying to allow anyone that wants to overtake to do so. The bubble of space gives you and others more time to notice things and react. 

3. Plan your escape

Soldiers think about things such as what they would do if an enemy soldier were to appear out of that doorway. By thinking about it ahead of time, they know how to react if it should happen. Drivers need to think about things such as, what if that pedestrian steps out without looking or what if that vehicle makes a last-minute decision to turn at that intersection? Knowing how you would avoid the issue increases the chances that you can.

Despite this, you could still be injured in a crash because you cannot plan for everything others might do. If so, seek help to claim compensation.



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