Has your child been injured on the playground?

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Children love to let loose on playgrounds with their friends. During “the best years of their lives,” there is little else they can think of. Usually, this occurs without major incidents. Small bumps and scrapes are part of growing up, after all.

Nonetheless, serious injuries are a different matter, and they do happen on playgrounds. Managers of public spaces like this have a duty to ensure that it is as safe as practicable. They should not be reckless or negligent towards the safety of children who use the facility. Outlined below are some of the more common playground injuries.

Falls from a height

Climbing frames and slides are a common sight on the playground. They offer children endless amounts of fun. However, there are heights involved in these items, which means a certain level of risk. If the equipment doesn’t have adequate safety rails, soft landing areas, or has generally been poorly maintained, then the owners of the premises could be liable if your child sustains an injury.

Entanglement injuries

Ropes and netting are also commonplace in play areas. These allow children to climb and challenge themselves to complete obstacle courses. Nonetheless, such features must be designed with safety in mind. If ropes or netting malfunction, then children could become entangled. If a limb is caught up in the equipment, then bone fractures and other nasty injuries may occur. In extreme scenarios, a child’s oxygen supply may even be cut off, resulting in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs).

Playgrounds should be safe areas for your children to express themselves and make friends. If your child has been injured and negligence had a role to play in the accident, then you may be able to lodge a personal injury on their behalf. As you do so, make sure you have a firm grasp of the legal options at your disposal.



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