Nursing home negligence could lead to serious injury

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It is often a difficult decision to place your elderly parent in a nursing home. They reach a point in life in which they can no longer address their own needs independently, and your life circumstances do not afford you the capacity to care for them yourself.

When you choose a nursing home for your loved one, you often do a great deal of research. You look for a place that is warm and inviting, and you count on the personnel to uphold their legal and ethical commitment to provide outstanding care. You assume they will care for their residents as if they are family. Unfortunately, not all care providers have such integrity.

Red flags of nursing home negligence to look out for

Whether it’s due to the caregiver being spread too thin, having external stressors or something else, elder abuse and neglect can happen in even the most prestigious nursing homes. As a loved one, you will want to keep an eye out for potential signs of caregiver neglect. Some examples might include:

  •     Unsafe or unacceptable living conditions
  •     Unclean or disheveled appearance
  •     Unexplained bruises, bedsores or rashes
  •     Missed appointments or improper medicine administration
  •     Disconnected utilities or poor water quality
  •     Sudden and unexplained weight loss or dehydration
  •     Presence of rodents or other infestations

The nursing home care providers have a legal and moral responsibility to provide care in accordance with universal standards. If they fail to acknowledge and resolve unsafe factors that lead to your loved one sustaining an injury, you may have the grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.




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