Can you tell when a dog is about to attack?

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Almost everyone loves dogs unless they are aggressive or dangerous. Fortunately, most dogs are loving and eager to make friends with humans. The trick is knowing if a dog is friendly or aggressive.

Some signs of an impending attack are easy to spot. The animal may lunge at you or nip at your skin as a warning. Other indicators of aggression are subtle and hard to identify. Learning the behaviors that a dangerous dog may display before an attack can help you and your family remain safe from a severe dog bite.

Signs of a possible attack

Growling is one of the most common signs of aggression in dogs, and it typically precedes a dog attack. If you encounter a dog that growls menacingly and shows its teeth, it could mean an attack is imminent. Other aggression signals to watch for include:

  •       Facial cues. Staring, baring teeth, licking chops and even yawning could signal a dog attack.
  •       Body language. Raising the hair or tail, body stiffness or rigidity and flattening of ears are signs of a possible bite or attack.
  •       Verbal cues. Barking and growling, especially in a very low or deep tone, precede most dog bites in Albuquerque.
  •       Threatening behaviors. In addition to lunging, a dog in attack mode may hit you with its nose or engage in mouthing before a severe bite.

Although some dog bites result in only minor lacerations, most attacks have a more devastating outcome. Victims may suffer deep puncture wounds, broken bones, internal injuries and catastrophic scarring.

Acquiring financial compensation is not just your right, it is often the only way to manage the medical care necessary after an attack. Consider learning more about your legal options if you or a family member has suffered a dog attack in Albuquerque.



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