Why does road rage happen? 

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Road rage can lead to some very serious accidents. In some cases, people drive unsafely — tailgating, swerving, slamming on their brakes, etc — and accidentally cause crashes. In other cases, people intentionally strike other vehicles because they get so caught up in the incident, and they cause a crash on purpose. 

Either way, you can be very hurt if you have an encounter with a road-rage driver. Why does this happen? 

A multi-faceted problem with many causes

As you may have guessed, there is no single cause of road rage. For instance, drug and alcohol use has been linked to road rage by some studies. This doesn’t mean that all users will get into altercations, but someone who has been using may have lowered inhibitions and may let their emotions get the best of them. 

Additionally, age and gender can play a role. Those who get into these altercations are most often young men. 

Finally, there can be many outside issues, such as stress in other parts of the driver’s life or anger issues that have not been addressed. A young man who just got fired and is in the middle of a divorce may be more likely to “snap” when he feels that someone else cut him off, for instance, when it ordinarily wouldn’t have bothered him. He just reached the limit due to everything else that was going on. 

Have you been injured in a crash?

If one of these angry drivers injured you in an accident, it’s very unfair and detrimental to your life on many levels. Be sure you know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs. 



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