How does a catastrophic injury or wrongful death affect families?

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When someone suffers a serious injury or suddenly passes away, the people around them are going to be affected. The way that a family is affected will depend on the injured or deceased party’s role in the family, but in all cases, it’s a tragedy regardless of who they are. 

A family dealing with such a serious issue is bound to be affected in a few ways. Whether someone is injured or killed, the family will need to deal with issues such as financial losses and medical bills, lost income and stress. 

The effect of personal injuries on families

A personal injury affects families in a few ways, such as by causing stress and disrupting normal daily activities. If the person who was injured was a wage-earner for the family, then the family may now have to deal with a loss of income as well as be supportive of the injured person’s needs. That can take a lot of emotional and physical energy out of everyone.

The effect of wrongful deaths on families

When someone dies suddenly, families may be burdened with a loss of income, loss of consortium, and financial losses related to medical bills, funeral costs and burial expenses. The stress of a sudden death often causes people to miss work or stop their normal activities, at least in the shorter term.

Whether you lose someone in a collision or a personal injury has affected your life, your family has an opportunity to seek compensation. Those who are injured may make a personal injury claim, and those who have lost a loved one may look into making a wrongful death claim against the responsible party.



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