Dangers commuters face sharing the road with commercial vehicles

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Here in Albuquerque, I-25 and I-40, or U.S. Hwy. 66 and 85, can get busy at different times during the day. The same can happen along our city’s many surface streets as well, depending on when you navigate them.

Research shows that your injury risks increase on certain days and at certain times. Many of the dangers that motorists face when commuting come from truckers or other commercial vehicles who seem to always be in such a hurry that they make mistakes that seriously injure others or prematurely claim their lives.

When is it most dangerous to be on the road?

Research shows that you’re most likely to have a crash between 5 and 7 p.m. An accident is most apt to happen during this time frame because traffic is heaviest and motorists are tired after a long day working.

Where are commuter crashes most apt to occur?

New Mexico has the 4th highest fatal crash rate in the U.S., most of which occur along I-40.

Another study from 2018 listed McKinley County, New Mexico, as being among the deadliest in the country, with at least 32% of the crashes being fatal there.

Why should commuters fear truckers?

Right now, so many veteran truckers have retired, leaving many inexperienced drivers operating the tractor-trailers out on the road. New distractions come from the internet, phones and radio programs, all of which may take their attention off the road, leaving them vulnerable to crashing into you.

Then, truckers are given tight deadlines to make it to their destinations. Some fleet companies may even reward their truckers for dropping off deliveries before they were supposed to. Truckers may cut into their rest time (especially if their employers are pressuring them to do so) to boost their income without any regard for safety.

There’s also a concern about truckers and other commercial carriers not taking time to properly inspect their tractor-trailers before initiating a trip. They may also improperly secure a load, leading them to experience difficulties in braking and controlling the truck, leaving them vulnerable to colliding with commuters in passenger cars.

New Mexico law affords you a few options for recovering damages after a collision with a commercial vehicle or truck. Take time to learn what those options are so that you receive just compensation.



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