3 tips for avoiding blind spot collisions with trucks 

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Commercial Trucking Accidents

As well as having significantly larger vehicles to maneuver, the visibility of truck drivers is generally more restricted than those in passenger cars. Trucks also do not have the benefit of rear-view mirrors and back windows — and that makes their blind spots harder to handle.

While truck drivers bear the responsibility of safe driving, it is still beneficial to know some methods that may help to keep you safer out there on the road. Outlined below are three tips that could increase your safety when driving around larger commercial vehicles: 

Be aware of “no zones”

The blind spots of a truck are also commonly referred to as “no-zones”. These are areas where the driver will simply be unable to see you. The most notable blind spots are both directly in front and behind the truck. Additionally, the areas to the right and left, where you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, are also blind spots. It is good practice to be fully aware of these spaces. 

Be careful when overtaking a truck

If the need to pass a commercial vehicle arises, then you should be extremely careful. Try to pass on the left-hand side if possible and avoid idling alongside the truck once you have switched lanes. Once you are in front of the vehicle, remember to avoid their no-zones by not stopping directly in front of them. 

Give trucks plenty of space

Tailgating a truck almost certainly means that you are in their blind spot. This should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, always bear in mind that trucks require more room when performing turns and other maneuvers. Many trucks need extra space when turning, and they might even venture onto an additional lane. 

Familiarizing yourself with common safety methods could help to prevent accidents. Sadly, even the most cautious drivers can be caught up in collisions, so it also is important to be aware of your legal rights and protections. 



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