Are fast deliveries worth the safety risks?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Commercial Trucking Accidents

With the popularity of online shopping, people are buying almost anything online and just having it shipped to their houses. The convenience of being able to do this, especially over the last year, is tremendous. 

Of course, the problem with online shopping is that you have to wait for the items to ship. If you shop in person, you get your purchase the same day. Companies like Amazon quickly realized that the main hurdle to overcome was taking time to get orders to people’s homes. Thus, the focus became shipping orders as fast as possible and promising things like two-day shipping or even overnight deliveries. 

But is fast delivery of online goods actually safe?

One of the problems that this push for speedy deliveries creates, though, is that people need to share the road with delivery drivers who have strict deadlines and a lot of pressure to meet them. This has led to accidents in which people have been killed or seriously injured. That raises the question of whether or not fast shipping is worth it. As a society, are we willing to allow people to lose their lives just so that our items can arrive a bit sooner? 

Naturally, drivers are encouraged to be safe and responsible on the road, but the reality is that deadlines create pressure. Employees feel that pressure as they strive to keep their jobs. This is always going to increase the risks by encouraging things like speeding or reckless driving. 

Have you been injured by a delivery driver?

If you have been hit by a delivery truck or another commercial vehicle, make sure you are well aware of the legal options you have to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Experienced advocacy can help you protect your rights.



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