3 tips for reducing the chances of a rear-end collision

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If you’ve driven lately, then it’s likely that you had, at some point or another, a driver who was riding your tail. When drivers get too close together, there is a much greater chance of a rear-end collision.

Rear-end crashes can be prevented if drivers are willing to be proactive. There are three excellent tips that can help you avoid crashes. Here’s a little more on what you can do to stay safe.

  1. Checking your mirrors more often

To start with, you should check your mirrors as often as possible to avoid a rear-end collision. Notice if another vehicle is riding closely to yours so you can slow down to allow them to pass to your left. If they don’t seem to want to pass and they’re too close, you can pull over and allow them to continue down the highway.

If they refuse to pass and you can’t slow down safely, call 911.

  1. Give yourself space if someone cuts you off

If another vehicle cuts you off, it’s smart to give yourself space. While they might have made you alter your pace, slowing down and putting several car lengths between you is safer for everyone.

  1. Slowing down gradually instead of quickly when approaching stops

If a vehicle is riding closely behind you, slow down gradually before you get to an intersection or stop sign. Don’t slam on your brakes. Give that driver enough time to slow as well.

These tips can help prevent rear-end crashes. If you do get hit, stay at the scene, call the police and wait for help to arrive. Get medical attention, so you have documentation when you make your personal injury claim.



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