3 ways to increase safety when driving around trucks

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Driving in your car with the music on can allow you to escape the stresses of work and home. Then a colossal tractor-trailer comes hurtling past and reminds you of how vulnerable you are. Trucks can take the fun out of driving for all other road users. It only takes one error from the truck driver to end your life or cause severe injuries.

It pays to give trucks a wide berth

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of a truck collision:

  • Give them plenty of space: This is critical, especially on a windy day. Due to the large surface area, a gust of wind is more likely to push these big rigs across the lane. Even on calm days, you should leave plenty of space when overtaking. If the driver falls asleep or a tire blows, the truck may veer into you or even topple over. Trucks may also pull out wide to one side to make a turn to the other side.
  • Make yourself visible: Keep your lights turned on in the daytime. It makes it simpler for truck drivers to spot you.
  • Avoid the blind spots: If a truck driver cannot see you, they are more likely to collide with you. They have far bigger blind spots than smaller vehicles. A truck’s blind spot may extend across one lane on the driver’s side and two lanes on the other. Immediately in front and behind the tractor-trailer are two other dangerous areas to avoid.

If a truck crashes into you, you will need help to claim compensation for your injuries. By doing all you can to stay out of the way of trucks, you reduce that possibility becoming a painful reality.



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