Drowsy truckers can make for lousy drivers

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Home to the intersection of I-25 and I-40, Albuquerque sees its fair share of commercial trucks. You may be used to driving with them up and down the highway, but make sure you know what to watch for when dangerous drivers are around.

Tired truck drivers that violate operation limits are more likely to cause crashes. Truckers can’t go more than 11 hours at a time, and those that do could be putting you in danger. It’s important to know when there are risks around you, and that starts with spotting the offenders.

Hauling rules

Reviewing logbooks after a crash can show violations, but it’s better to pick out a drowsy driver before an accident happens. You might be able to take precautions to avoid or lessen an accident, or you’ll at least know to check their schedule when building a case.

Sleepy signs

While you may not be able to peek into the cab and see the driver yawning, other signals might indicate an at-risk driver:

  • Drifting: Operators that are slipping may gently weave out of their lane. They might hit the rumble strips, or start a slow creep toward the other side of the road.
  • Reactions: Sudden swerving could indicate that the driver is dozing off. Suddenly waking or spotting something could cause them to make hard movements in the other direction.
  • Speed: Erratic speed can also spell fatigue. Some truckers might pick up the pace and roll the windows down to freshen up, or they get sluggish as they stop applying the gas.

Keeping an eye out for drivers that aren’t well-rested can prove an important part of driving. Know the signs, and you might be able to stay awake to the perils around you.



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